What is OPC?

What is OPC

What is OPC ? OPC (OLE for Process Control) was introduced in 1996 as a protocol designed to replace older communication protocols like Modbus RTU or Profibus, which were primarily used for field-level communication, At that time, OPC was exclusively …

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What is EDS file?

EDS file in Ethernet/IOP

What is EDS file? An Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) file is an ASCII text file that contains essential information about an Ethernet/IP device or adapter. To establish communication between scanners and adapters, you need to include this EDS file in …

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What is Modbus TCP/IP?

Modbus TCP/IP

What is Modbus TCP/IP? Modbus TCP/IP is a client/server-based application protocol that utilizes Ethernet as its physical layer. Here TCP means transmission Control Protocol. It is a deterministic protocol as it Accommodates to TCP standards. TCP confirms whether each request …

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