What is Kirchoff’s Current Law?

What is Kirchoff’s Current Law? Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) states that the total current entering any junction in an electrical circuit is equal to the total current leaving that junction. This fundamental principle implies that charge cannot accumulate at any …

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What is MCCB?

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are mainly in Low Voltage Circuits and Breaks in situation of fault current like overload of current or current rise due to short circuit. This protects the further damage of circuits or devices used in the circuit.

What is Ohm’s Law?

What is Ohm’s Law? This Basic Law regarding flow of current is discovered by G.S. Ohm in 1828. Refer to the circuit diagram when a voltage ‘V’ is applied across one conductor. When a current ‘I’ is flowing through that …

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what is current?

What Is Current? current refers to the rate at which electric charge flows through a conductor, which can be in the form of a wire or any other conductive material. The number of electrons that pass in one second is …

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What is Three Phase Supply?

What is Three Phase Supply?

A Three-phase supply is comprised of 3 single-phase supplies. This means that the first sine wave starts at 0 degrees, the second at 120 degrees, and the third phase sine wave starts at 240 degrees.

We can represent a Three-phase System as follows: 1st Phase: Sin(ωt), 2nd Phase: Sin(ωt + 120 degrees), 3rd Phase: Sin(ωt + 240 degrees), where ω is the Angular Frequency of the Sine Wave, t is the Time variable, and Sin represents the Sine Function.

  • We can denote as
  • 1st phase : Sin(wt)
  • 2nd phase: Sin(wt+120degree)
  • 3rd phase: Sin(wt+240degree)
  • w -Angular Frequency of Sin Wave
  • t- It is Time Variable
  • sin- Sine Function

Three-phase supply is more powerful compared to signal-phase supply.

It is widely used in the electrical power system, from power generation and power transmission to distribution.

how to check voltage in 3-phase supply?

In a 3-phase supply, there are three power lines: L1, L2, and L3.

To check voltage, connect a multimeter between any two wires, as shown in the figure.

Most Common Three Phase Connection Type.

1. Y connection

  1. All three phases are connected at a common central point by forming a Y shape.
  2. The central point where all three phases meet is called the Neutral point.
  3. As it has a neutral reference, it is widely used in power distribution purposes.

2. Delta connection

  1. All three phases are connected in a triangle shape.
  2. At both ends of each phase, the other two phases are connected to form a triangle shape.
  3. It doesn’t have neutral points.
  4. It is mainly used to supply high power requirements for motors and high-current industrial loads.

What is single Phase?

AC Sinewave Waveform

Single Phase Supply,Mainly, a single-phase electrical system has two wires: the Hot Line and the Neutral Line. The Hot Line carries the alternating current and provides power to your electrical devices, while the Neutral wire serves as the return path for the current.