Difference between OPC UA and OPC DA

1. It is platform-independent and can be used on any operating system.1.It is available on Windows only.
2.It is more interoperable because it is platform independent.2.It can be challenging to connect to non-Microsoft applications as it primarily supports Microsoft DCOM technology.
3.It is secure, allowing server communication only with authorized clients.3.It has limited security.
4.It can be used for plant-level applications.”4.It is suitable for small-scale applications, such as machine-level usage.
5.It offers enhanced functionality with scalability, including features like alarms and event functions.5.It has fewer functionalities compared to OPC UA.
6.It is an upgraded version of OPC DA6.It is the older version.
7.It is a reliable protocol.7.It is less reliable compared to OPC UA.

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