Types of PLC

Types of PLC


  1. These PLCs are used for small applications.
  2. For cost-effective applications.
  3. IO range is Low required.
  4. Risk-free applications.
  5. Applications like packing machines and small conveyors use these PLC.
  6. Scan time is High. Logic requirement is simple.


Rockwell-Micrologix 1400


2.Modular or Distributed PLC.

  1. These PLCs are used for big machines or big applications.
  2. Cost is High.
  3. IO range is more even we can achieve more than 1000 IOs.
  4. Low processing time is required.
  5. Process Applications, Big Machines, Plant Utility Control
  6. Scan Time is Low. Machine Logic is Complex required.

Mitsubishi PLC-IQR

Rockwell PLC-Control Logix PLC

Siemen PLC


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