What is EDS file?

What is EDS file?

An Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) file is an ASCII text file that contains essential information about an Ethernet/IP device or adapter. To establish communication between scanners and adapters, you need to include this EDS file in the configuration tool of the scanner. This allows for proper configuration and interaction between the scanner and the adapter.

Utilizing an EDS file simplifies Ethernet/IP communication between a scanner and an adapter.

The EDS file plays a vital role in facilitating easy Ethernet/IP communication.

The EDS file also contains a complete history of revisions for a particular device.

How to add EDS file? Use of EDS file.

In order to establish cyclic or implicit communication between a scanner and any adapter, it’s necessary to include the EDS file of the adapter into the scanner’s configuration.

To add an EDS file into a scanner, each scanner is typically equipped with an EDS hardware installation tool.

Like as shown below Rockwell Have “EDS Hardware Installation Tool.”

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