What is GSD file?


The functionality of a PROFINET IO device is defined in GSD files. This file contains all the data necessary for its communication with the IO controller. PROFINET IO devices are described using XML-based GSDML files. “GSDML” stands for “General Station Description Markup Language.” “XML” stands for “Extensible Markup Language”. The GSD file is a language-independent XML file. Every manufacturer should provide a GSD file according to the GSDML specification.

Profinet IO Controller :==

A PROFINET IO controller is a station in a PLC system where the control program runs. It takes input data from configured IO devices in the network, processes the control program, and transfers output data to the respective IO devices. For this task, it has a system configuration that includes all the required communication-related data.

In the system configuration, the following data is defined.

1.Data Length-Required Length of Input and Output word.

2.Parameters setting for IO Device.

3.Communication speed.

4.Diagnosys related data.

IO Controller must support following Actions.

1.Alarm Handling.

2.Process Data Exchange.

3.Acylic Data Exchange.

4.IO device parameter Setting.

5.Diagnostics of configured IO Device.

6.Address Assignment Function.

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