What is MCCB?

What is MCCB? Molded Case Circuit Breakers:

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are mainly in Low Voltage Circuits and Breaks in situation of fault current like overload of current or current rise due to short circuit. This protects the further damage of circuits or devices used in the circuit.

It has the following components:

The entire unit is enclosed in a molded case, so when switching the load, the arc is not discharged.

  1. Handle” for” Switching mechanism” to open and close the contact.
  2. Overcurrent Tripping Device”-It trips the switching mechanism in reaction to overload current or short circuit.
  3. An ‘Arc Extinguishing Device‘ that extinguishes the arc generated between a pair of contacts when the current is cut off.
  4. Use the ‘Terminal‘ to connect an external wire.
  5. The ‘Contacts’ open and close the circuit.

Advantages of using MCCB:

  • If an overcurrent occurs in one pole, all poles are simultaneously disconnected. This avoids the possibility of phase failure.
  • MCCB can switch the current six times more than rating.
  • After searching cause of accident and minimizing it. We can again use by closing MCCB. No extra further procedure is required.
  • Deterioration is possible: Slight change in operating characteristics after a short circuit is possible, while during normal overload conditions, it is not permitted.
  • Breaking Capacity: By cascading method we can increase Breaking capacity.
  • Easy to Handle with low maintenance.

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